We bake a wide variety of cakes, pastries, cookies and breads from scratch each day. Orchard fresh fruit, artisan chocolate and quark cheese are among the fresh ingredients we use to perfect our recipes. Join us for your morning coffee and pastry or sweeten your next family dinner with one of our specialty cakes, strudels or tortes.



Light puff pastry features orchard fresh apples, cherries or blueberries, quark cheese, poppyseed or almond.

EDB - Strudel Subcat


This local favourite features fresh apples and cinnamon baked inside flaky puff pastry. Our rolled strudel features toasted nuts rolled into sweet dough, baked to a golden brown and glazed with royal icing. Available in poppyseed, hazelnut, walnut or almond/marzipan.

EDB - Cakes Subcat 2


Our streusal cakes feature orchard fresh plums, apples, cherries, blueberries, strawberry-rhubarb or poppyseed. German Bienenstich cake is made with light dough filled with Bavarian cream, topped with fresh coconut, toasted almonds and farm fresh honey.  Available in-store and through special order.

EDB - Torte Subcat


We bake a variety of traditional European tortes including light-as-air German cheese torteHungarian kremes torte and Austrian sachertorte. Layered tortes include buttercream (chocolate or vanilla), black forest, strawberry cream, hazelnut and dobos layered torte; wherein alternate layers of light vanilla cake and sweet chocolate buttercream are topped with crisp caramel wafers. Available in-store and through special order in 7”, 12”, ¼, ½ and full slab size.



Our house-made varietals include vanilla kipferl, spitzbuben, hazelnut flowers, jam thumbprints and black & white chocolate. A selection of imported cookies are also available in our market.



Baked according to traditional preparation techniques, we offer a variety of European rye loaves including Tyrolier and Berliner rye. Schlesier Brot – a naturally-leavened sourdough rye – is procured using a generations-old starter. Crusty Kaiser buns are perfect for sandwiches and as an accompaniment to soup. Savoury pretzels and salt sticks are baked fresh each Friday and Saturday morning.